Community Services

To be eligible to receive services under any CSBG funded program/project, the following criteria must be met:

  • Provide proof of identification of the individual household member making application for assistance. Valid identification documents may include state issued id, driver’s license, social security card, and etc.
  • Social Security card is required for all members of the household applying for services.
  • The household combined gross income must not exceed 125% of the federal income guidelines. Montgomery Community Action Committee will adhere to the income verification procedures as outlined in the ADECA policies and procedures manual for Community Services Block Grant Program.
  • The household must provide documentation verifying the needs for assistance.
  • The household member making application must cooperate with agency staff in determining eligibility for assistance.
  • Individual programs/projects funded by CSBG may have additional eligibility requirements. For example programs/projects that specifically serve a designated group such as seniors, youth, etc. may have additional eligibility requirements such as age to qualify for services. In the case of determining the eligibility for youth, the parent or legal guardian must make application and eligibility is determined for the household.